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Looking for moderator(s)

Annoucements / August 7, 2016 / No Comments /

While the main staff members are busy with other issues, UtaiteDB is looking for a trustworthy person or people to watch over the site. Your main task is simply to check the website a few times per week to make sure nothing bad is happening. The primary purpose of this recruitment is to make sure there’s backup when the other staff members are unavailable. If possible, you can familiarize yourself with the editing guidelines on the site and enforce them as necessary (ask kan0nica and stephieku for details).

Requirement for this task is that you have been an active editor on UtaiteDB or VocaDB, or there’s some other way we can make sure you’re reliable.

Note that if you don’t want (or don’t have the time) to become a formal moderator, you can still keep an eye on the website and report any suspicious activity to staff members. Any kind of help is appreciated.

If interested, or you have some questions, contact riipah on UtaiteDB or twitter. You may also post a comment here.

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