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Some Clarifications

Annoucements / July 12, 2014 / No Comments /

Thank you everyone for your hard work and contributions! I wanted to clear up some issues and questions.

Keep Entries Utaite Related
The main reason we delete entries is that the entry is not directly related to utaite. We define utaite as amateur singers;  however, we also accept entries related to professional singers who were once popular utaite (i.e. MARiA, Nano, ShounenT) and self-covers by Vocaloid producers. Currently, we are not accepting entries on utattemita and VocaloP collaborations with seiyuu and professional singers. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as original songs that are later covered by utaite (example) and songs from albums with utaite (example).

Credit All the Artists
Please credit all the artists in a song, including musicians, mixers, and encoders, if possible. Make sure all vocalists have artist entries and are credited. The custom artist option is for people without a mylist/channel/website or less relevant people (i.e. a professional musician mostly unrelated to NND/YT) . If you do not have enough time to finish the entry, leave it as a draft or tag it with “information_incomplete” or “entries_to_QC”.

Remaster Versus New Cover
The remaster category is for old/existing recordings that have been enhanced in quality and sound via sound engineering. This category is not for songs that have been re-recorded with new vocals. Songs with re-recorded vocals requires its own entry in the cover category, separate from the artist’s previous cover of the same song. The remaster category is relatively uncommon and typically the song title or album description will state that it is a remaster.

For any additional questions and comments, feel free to PM me (stephieku) or kan0nica, drop by the #utaitedb irc channel, or leave a comment on the entry. Once again, thanks everyone for the help!

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