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UtaiteDB is finally open!

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Welcome to UtaiteDB! I’m really bad at introductory posts (you can read riipah’s post if you wanted one), so I’ll just cut right to the chase. The purpose of this database to (try to) catalog and document everything related to utaites. This means albums, covers, and people related to the utaite scene.

The database is heavily based on VocaDB’s code, which was created with the VOCALOID scene and its unique qualities in mind. It is likely that there will be big changes in the system to accommodate utaites; in particular, how the artist string and arrangement covers should be handled.

For those who want to help with the database, there are a couple tasks that need to be done (and things to keep in mind).

1. Create entries for original VOCALOID/UTAU songs
– Remember to include all relevant illustrators/animators/instrumentalists/mixers/encoders/etc. If they don’t have their own artist entry on the database yet but have at least a MyList or Youtube channel (or for some illustrators, at least a pixiv account), go ahead and make one for them. Otherwise, just add the artist via the “custom artist” option.

2. Create entries for covers
– Remember to link covers to the original song’s entry
– If the cover uses the same art/video and instrumentals as the original song, there’s no need to add the same illustrators/animators and instrumentalists. If it has new material made especially for the cover, include all relevant artists.
– Remember to add mixers/mastering and/or encoding artists.
– Currently, covers that use arrangements different from the original instrumental fall under the “remix” category. The original producer would be marked as “support.”

3. Create entries for artists
– If they have at least a MyList or Youtube channel, then go ahead and make an entry for them.
– Instrumentalists, mixers/mastering, and encoders fall under the “other individual” category. After the page is created, remember to tag the entry with their relevant roles.

We are considering an “import” function (in order to import existing entries from VocaDB), but we’re not sure when that will be ready. :’D

The next blog post will discuss some of the current issues with the database, and how to deal with certain types of songs.

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