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Monthly Archives : March 31, 2014

UtaiteDB changing its name to 3DPDDB

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In order to differentiate it more from VocaDB, we decided to rename UtaiteDB as 3DPDDB (that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?). This is to emphasize our focus on human singers, as opposed to virtual divas. This change will take effect tomorrow (April 1st).

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UtaiteDB is finally open!

Annoucements / March 26, 2014 / No Comments

Welcome to UtaiteDB! I’m really bad at introductory posts (you can read riipah’s post if you wanted one), so I’ll just cut right to the chase. The purpose of this database to (try to) catalog and document everything related to utaites. This means albums, covers, and people related to the utaite scene. The database is heavily based on VocaDB’s code, which was created with the VOCALOID scene and its unique qualities in mind. It is likely that there will be big changes in the system to accommodate utaites; in particular, how the artist string and arrangement covers should be handled. For those who want to help with the database, there …..

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